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Last updated 4/2020

All study and no play

Misc stuff from studies.


Feature illustrations of interviewees. Released by Svart 1/2018
Pencil / ballpoint pen. Ink on back cover.
Order your copy here »
Other related info » 2017

Professor Black & Gezol 7" "duet": Tarantula

7" single cover art & layout for UG metal geniuses Professor Black & Gezol (Sabbat).
Pencil, ink, Photoshop, Indesign.
Released by NWN Productions 1/2018. Order your copy here » 2017

Sleep of Monsters II: Poison Garden

12" vinyl, CD digipak and booklet layout. 2016

Isten fanzine photographs

18x24 cm b/w photographs vs the finished fanzine prints in comparison. Offset printing was pretty blacked out, density overload.
Nikon F-301, Agfapan 400, lenses varied. 50mm and 105mm probably. 1997 - 1998

Babylon Whores: Errata Stigmata

Promotional video for the song "Errata Stigmata" from the album King Fear.
Shot in 8mm film + digital video on a barefoot budget as a shoestring budget was too expensive. 9/1999


Misc. photos from early 90's and onwards to recent days.
Nikon F-301 (usually 20mm + 50mm) & Agfapan 400

Mixed bits and bobs

Miscellaneous, doodlings etc. old stuff.

Jumblebox Too

This section contains some old negatives I scanned for archiving reasons. Some were scanned with Silvercrest budget value scanner (Lidl!), so the quality may vary. Obviously I haven't bothered to tune, adjust nor retouch them.

BTW, If residing in Finland, have a look at the documentary behind the hyperlink below. Some familiar punk photos might flash by, alas uncredited:
» Tee se itse -elämä: Combat Rockin tarina

Marschan youth center 1995/96

Undated roll, unknown punk band + dudes rehearsing at the basement.

Agfapan 400



Undated roll from 1996 fall, bands unknown, I recall both were Swedish. One of those rolls of film which I left on the shelf after development as I thought it looked like shit. Still does a bit, but as it's old crap, I'll publish these for archeological purposes. Love though how the singer is animated like a Tex Avery character.
1996, Marschan youth center, Riihimäki

Bazed + Endstand

Some youth center punk action from 1996. Marschan youth center, Riihimäki.

Endstand Dec. 15th 1996

Roll shot during practise just for own fun at Marschan youth center, no other purpose but testing angles and shit.
Agfapan 400 with 20mm + 50mm lenses, I think.

Endstand 1996

Undated roll from loose rehearsal shooting at Marschan youth center.


Fat Mama (Kaisaniemi), Helsinki.
Great gig, overexposed film.

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