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Feature illustrations of interviewees. Released by Svart 1/2018
Pencil / ballpoint pen. Ink on back cover.
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Other related info » 2017

Professor Black & Gezol 7" split: Tarantula

7" single cover art & layout for UG metal geniuses Professor Black & Gezol (Sabbat).
Pencil, ink, Photoshop, Indesign.
Released by NWN Productions 1/2018. Order your copy here » 2017

Sleep of Monsters II: Poison Garden

12" vinyl, CD digipak and booklet layout. 2016

Isten fanzine photographs

18x24 cm b/w photographs vs the finished fanzine prints in comparison. Offset printing was pretty blacked out, density overload. Oh well.
Nikon F-301, Agfapan 400, lenses varied. 50mm and 105mm probably. 1997 - 1998

Babylon Whores: Errata Stigmata

Promotional video for the song "Errata Stigmata" from the album King Fear.
Shot in 8mm film + digital video on a barefoot budget as a shoestring budget was too expensive. 1999

Misc. photography

From early 90's and onwards.
Nikon F-301 (usually 20mm + 50mm) & Agfapan 400


Miscellaneous, doodlings etc.